Modeling Compression Cutting of Biomaterial for Robot Control

D. Zhou, M.R. Claffee, K.-M. Lee, and G.V. McMurray (USA)


robotics, modeling, cutting, sharpness.


The application of robotics outside of the traditional tasks, such as those in the automotive industry is becoming more common. As robotics moves outside of these areas, the tasks required of the robot become more complicated. These tasks can arise in a number of different industries: the medical industry, which includes robotic surgery and sample microtoming, as well as the food processing industry, which includes meat, fruit, and vegetable processing. In this paper, based on the analysis of the applied cutting force and the internal stresses in compression cutting, the influence of the material properties (deformation and fracture toughness) on the cutting force is explained. Using this formulation, the authors provided a method to describe the sharpness of a blade and experimentally demonstrated its applicability. Based on the material properties and knife sharpness properties, the required force to realize compression cutting can be predicted.

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