A Simulation Environment for Bluetooth Equipped Mobile Robots

R. Shepherd and S. Mansoor (UK)


Bluetooth, Behavior-based, Mobile robots, Modelling and Simulation


The Bluetooth radio system is an ideal communications tool for lightweight autonomous mobile robots but lit tle research interest has been targeted at this application. We present in this paper an environment which allows behavior-based autonomous mobile robotic simulation to take advantage of synthetic Bluetooth communications. Two components comprise our system. A highly adapt able mobile robot simulation arena providing an extensi ble behavior-based control architecture and secondly our Bluetooth modelling framework providing accurate Blue tooth device interaction. This paper describes the design and integration of these two systems to form a complete environment and any additional components which are re quired. In particular we examine the communications soft ware stack, provided to each robot in the simulator. From a programmatic perspective we highlight the interface that this communications stack presents to each robot in order to create discrete reactive behaviors for the control archi tecture. Finally a description of a successful experiment using this simulator is also presented.

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