The Redundant RPSPP Manipulator

I. Juárez-Campos and M. Ramírez-Méndez (Mexico)


Robotics, Inverse Kinematics, Manipulator.


This investigation examines and proposes a novel mechanical structure with the ability to be adapted to pick-and-place operations. This novel arrangement has its origins from a particular 6-degree-of-freedom set of manipulators which transfer pieces according to the screw transformation. The mentioned manipulators position and orient a linkage which has the ability to simulate a screw and-nut mechanism. This nut, provided with the end-tool, undergoes the screw transformation. This is the main principle employed in the design of this sort of manipulators. The SBMF7 family is a set containing a sort of open spatial kinematic chains named as screw-based or helicoidal manipulators having 7 degrees of freedom. It possesses the PPSPP, RRSPP, RPSPP and the SPRPP arrangements. This paper presents the main characteristics dealing with the redundant RPSPP arrangement and the corresponding inverse kinematics.

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