Investigation into the Effects of Toolpath and Feed Rate Variation on Sculptured Surface Machining

A. Gittens, B.V. Chowdary, and U.R.K. Rao (Trinidad and Tobago)


Applications, manufacturing, CAD/CAM, sculptured surfaces, Taguchi experiments, CNC.


Current trends in consumer product design see the increasing use of freeform shapes. To accurately manufacture molds for these sculptured surfaces and achieve the tight tolerances required, several methods of toolpath generation may be used. The computer aided part programming methods currently used incorporate several factors, with the actual toolpath, feed rate, and tool geometry being some of the critical factors involved. Much work has been done in all these fields so far, with enhancements to the previous work currently being proposed by various researchers. This paper seeks to highlight some of the previous investigations, and further examine the effects of toolpath and feed rate variations on the machining of these shapes. The results of the investigation should allow for the improved selection of the parameters for the machining of sculptured surfaces.

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