Hyper-Sentient Robots

V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)




Our vision for the weird, quantum Sci-Fi world of the future, post Millennium-3 (that we entered on 11 September 2001 through a “gate of fire”), is that the real, multidimensional future will be very different than we can imagine it even today. Robotics, however, seem to be a large part of our future family [‘Bots derived from Robots, sometimes called agents], having gained some notoriety on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) where they greeted new participants, monitored the use of offensive language--sometimes becoming real annoying, with their programmed psuedo-beliefs, desires, and aspirations. Street-Smart ‘Bots—Artificial Intelligence (AI) with neural networks in combination with bio-brained thought controllers--are helping us more and more along the way to our co-existent future of Mind (Humans) and AI Machines. Self-replicating robots are no longer only science fiction, Hod Lipson (Cornell University, Ithica, NY) has created small simple robots or “animats” that can build copies of themselves, demonstrating that mechanical self-reproduction is possible, and not unique to biology. In Nature [May 11, 2005] Lipson, previously at Brandeis University, called the origins of this evolutionary robotic project Golem {Genetically Organized Lifelike Electro-Mechanics) after the Hebrew word that signifies a Jewish Frankenstein; believing that these “first-step” design principles could be used to make long-term, self-repairing robots that could mend themselves, and be used in hazardous situations and on spaceflights. Bill Joy of Sun Micro cautions that this type of research pursued before we have thought out the controls and implications may be letting the genie out of the bottle! See www.botspot.com for Shopping Bots who find the lowest prices, without our visiting dozens of shopping sites; or the Help-Mate Bots traversing hospital corridors with blood samples, avoiding curious visitors, using elevators and more; or the Search & Rescue Robots so valuable at the WTC after 9/11; lastly, the future autonomous warrior ‘Bots, including nano-‘Bots that may eventually replace humans on the battlefields, in Situation Room Think-tanks, and as planetary travelers on space ventures for future mega-energy sources, like mining for helium-3 on the moon.

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