Kinematic Analysis of the Workspace for Visual Perceptibility

B. Masih-Tehrani and F. Janabi-Sharifi (Canada)


Workspace, Eye Kinematic Modeling, Visual Constraints, Motion Perception.


For the manual tasks that require continuous visual con trol, human visual system constraints should be satisfied. In this work four visual factors have been studied, namely, field-of-view (FOV), focus, resolution, and motion percep tion. A new kinematic approach has been proposed to an alyze the visual workspace. In this approach optimality of workspace points are evaluated. For this purpose FOV and focus constraints are applied to evaluate the feasibility of the workspace. Accordingly, resolution and motion re solvability measures of the feasible points are computed to asses the optimality of the workspace. The concept of mo tion resolvability has been explained, and it has been shown that the mentioned concept can be formulated as a measure for the evaluation of visual workspace.

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