A Way to the Optimal Design of Parallel Robots with High Dynamic Capabilities

M. Krefft and J. Hesselbach (Germany)


Robotics, Robot Design and Architecture, Pick and Place Application, Optimization


Parallel robots have received increasing attention from researchers and developing engineers over the past decade, because they have inherent advantages for many applica tions in terms of velocity, stiffness and accuracy. However, choosing the optimal mechanism dimensions for the best performance is a challenging and complex task. De pending on the application, different performance criteria have to be taken into account following contradictory aims. Hence, although there exist a lot of optimization approaches none of them consider the (applied) drive power. The main idea of this paper is to present the funda mentals for a power based optimization of parallel robots according to given application requirements focusing the dynamic performance for high speed pick and place tasks. Therefore we used a modified and efficient evolutionary algorithm, which is very effective to search global extrema of multicriteria optimization problems.

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