Particle Filter based Small Mobile Robot Indoor Localization using a Rotary Sonar

Q.-H. Meng, X. Yun, Y.-H. Wu, and J. Wang (PRC)


Particle filter, mobile robot, localization, and rotary sonar


This paper presents a particle filter based indoor localization method for low-price small mobile robots used for remote environment monitoring and/or tele education via Internet. A rotary sonar onboard the robot is used to acquire the distance information in the vicinity of the robot. Comparing with the sonar ring, the rotary sonar can measure more range data. A histogram match is utilized in the sensor data update of particle filter, which is quite suitable for large numbers of low-precision sonar data. The small robot exchanges information with a system server via wireless communication. The server is in charge of localization calculation. Experiments show that this method can globally localize the robot in the office environment correctly.

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