Single Camera-based Tracking of 3D Gestures

P. Menezes (France, Portugal), F. Lerasle (France), J. Dias (Portugal), and R. Chatila (France)


3D tracking, monocular tracking, articulated structures, particle filters


This article describes a method to track 3D articulated structures from a monocular perspective image sequence using a particle filter. This structure is composed of a set of linked degenerated quadrics (cones) which are truncated by pairs of planes also modelled as degenerated quadrics. This set of truncated cones is connected by joints containing one or more degrees of freedom. The method is based upon the estimation of the contours of the structure’s silhouette pro jected on the image plane to validate each of the particles, that correspond to the proposed configurations. This vali dation is performed using a criterion that combines a mea sure based on the contours, a measure of similarity between the colour distribution around a point on the structure and a reference distribution, and other criteria that reinforce the overall cost function. The results show the feasibility of the approach when using a single camera to track a 3D model containing eight degrees of freedom.

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