A High Resolution Full-Field Range Imaging System for Robotic Devices

D.A. Carnegie, M.J. Cree, A.A. Dorrington, and A.D. Payne (New Zealand)


Robot Sensing, Computer Vision, Full-Field Ranging


There has been considerable effort by many researchers to develop a high resolution full-field range imaging system. Traditionally these systems rely on a homodyne technique that modulates the illumination source and shutter speed at some high frequency. These systems tend to suffer from the need to be calibrated to account for changing ambient light conditions and generally cannot provide better than single centimeter range resolution, and even then over a range of only a few meters. We present a system, tested to proof-of-concept stage that is being developed for use on a range of mobile robots. The system has the potential for real-time, sub millimeter range resolution, with minimal power and space requirements.

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