An Integration Method to Identify Whirl Responses of a Rub-Impacting Rotor System

Y. Kang, J.-D. Jeng, and Y.-P. Chang (Taiwan)


Integration method, Whirl responses, Rub-impact, Poincaré section method


This study introduces the concept of an integration method in order to observe the vibration response problem of a rub-impacting rotor system. The method is called the P integration method, which can be applied to determine the response patterns of the system correctly, and then to avoid the misjudgment of the system response. This paper contributes to the development of efficient integration method to analyze and identify the whirl responses of a rotor system with rub-impact. This integration method numerically integrates the distance between state trajectory and the origin with pre-determined starting times of integration and predicted intervals due to excitation periods. This identification process is based on the fact that the integration would be constant if the integration interval is equal to the response period. According to the result comparisons from the rub-impacting rotor system, it is inferred that during Poincaré section method being applied to be analyzed the system response periods, the sampling points on Poincaré section might be too close to cause disturbances to analyze if the system response is a high-order sub-harmonic vibration. Thus, the misjudgments for system response periods will be made. This integration method provides a quantitative characterization of periodic motion. It is a useful tool to observe the periodic motion which generally cannot be easily distinguished from either the orbit plot or the Poincaré map.

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