Low Speed Tracking Control Improvement of Linear Synchronous Reluctance Machine

D. Dolinar and G. Štumberger (Slovenia)


Non-Linear Control, Electrical drives, Linear motors, Syn chronous reluctance motors.


This paper deals with the low speed tracking control im provement of a Linear Synchronous Reluctance Motor (LSRM) drive. An extended nonlinear dynamic LSRM model with magnetic saturation included is used in the advanced non-linear feedback linearization control design and practical realization, in order to improve tracking per formances at very low speeds of motion. Iron core satu ration is included in the extended model with the experi mentally determined flux linkages given as functions of the direct, and quadrature axes currents. Experimental results show that the proposed feedback linearizing tracking con trol with the included magnetic saturation behaves consid erably better than the one without saturation. It introduces smaller position and speed errors and better drive stiffness.

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