A New Algorithm for Gas Network Simulation

J. Rüdiger, J. Schiebelbein, R. Lunderstädt, and J. Horn (Germany)


Gas, Networks, Algorithms, Simulation, Nonlinearities, Modeling This formula has to be applied for every mesh in each iteration step.


One of the most currently used algorithms is the Hardy Cross-Algorithm [1]-[3]. It is based on mesh equations. In this algorithm, the system of nonlinear equations is solved by adding correction currents to the adjacent meshes until the mesh equations are fulfilled. The correction flow for the mesh is calculated by: The simulation of natural gas networks has a growing importance for operators of networks. In this paper a new simulation algorithm based on the node potential analysis is presented. The approach is to evaluate analogies between electrical circuits and gas networks to adapt them to flow dynamics. The laws of gas flow are characterized by nonlinear dependencies. The requirements in the simulation algorithm out of it are illustrated. By simulations on an example network the algorithm is verified. The convergence of this algorithm is investigated and verified by simulations with different initial values. 1 1 2 5 2 8 m i i i i i m i i i aV V V a V l a d ρ λ π = = ∆ = − ⋅ ⋅ = ⋅ ∑ ∑ & & & &

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