Aseismic Control to Pass through Critical Speed of Energy Storage Flywheel by Sliding Mode Control

Y. Zhang and N. Kobayashi (Japan)


Flywheel, Energy storage, Sliding mode control, Earth quake, Flexible critical speed, Magnetic bearing.


This paper is concerned with the aseismic vibration con trol to pass through the flexible critical speed of a 10MWh class energy storage flywheel system using superconduct ing magnetic bearing by a sliding mode control. Actually, we had done an exact vibration analysis of the 10MWh class flywheel rotor using CAE software based on a fi nite element method taking into account a gyroscopic ef fect. There is a flexible mode in the range of control from the vibration analytic results. The one-dimensional finite element method (FEM) model, sliding mode control and aseismic vibration control to pass through the flexible criti cal speed, control of near the operational rotational speed of the 10MWh class energy storage flywheel system are dis cussed in this paper in detail. From the simulation results, it is clarified that the sliding mode controller can stabilize the flywheel system even with an earthquake.

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