Solid and Mesh Modelling Concepts for Natural and Artificial Eye Components

K.P. Scherer, H. Guth, and P. Stiller (Germany)


Eye components, artificial lens, natural cornea, mechanical deformation, parameterized FEM modelling, FEM simulation;


Possible human eye diseases are manifold and concerning the refractive behaviour there exist one important failure source, namely the shape anomalies of the different eye components. Corrections can be done as well by surgical interventions at the biological tissue as by artificial components replacing the natural eye components. The latter method is given for example when the human lens is replaced by a clarified lens system after a cataract operation. Sometimes a combined method of surgical and implantation methods is useful and necessary. In both cases, the postoperative behaviour of the “new eye” has to be estimated. This can be performed by modelling and simulation of the biological and artificial involved components and the attached simulation of their behaviour. The final result is an information about the view quality of the human “new eye”.

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