Linear and Nonlinear Control of Musculoskeletal Systems

C. Fazekas, G. Szederkényi, and K.M. Hangos (Hungary)


Non-Linear Control, Linear Control, Biomedical Mod elling, Arm Motion


The methods of nonlinear systems and control theory were applied to a simple musculoskeletal system with one joint and two muscles in this paper. For this purpose, a non linear input-affine state-space model has been developed for this system with a flexor and an extensor muscle tak ing into account the nonlinear muscle and movement dy namics. Two types of controllers were designed: a lin ear pole-placement servo designed for the locally linearized model, and a nonlinear controller based on asymptotic out put tracking method. It is expected and forward that dur ing a movement with a large range of motion the nonlin earities of the system will be dominant and the nonlinear methods will outperform the linear ones. The output refer ence tracking properties of the controllers have been inves tigated by simulation and it has been found that the nonlin ear controller gives more accurate tracking with no over shoots than the linear one.

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