Robust Modelling of Hard-Disk Drives Servo System

R. Svečko and M. Pec (Slovenia)


Robust modelling, Differential evolution, Position measurement, VCM actuator, H∞ synthesis


This paper introduces a new method for modelling a hard disc VCM actuator. The results of this method are a nominal model, and the weighting functions for H∞ regulator synthesis. The hardware and software have been designed of automated read/write head position measurements according to referenced positions, different frequencies, and various temperatures. The measurement results represent the distribution functions of the read/ write head position at each frequency. A differential evolution algorithm is used to determining the nominal model and weighting functions. This algorithm converges fast on a suitable functional selection. The proposed method is illustrated sequentially through the experimental example. On the basis of the experimental results the H∞ robust controller was designed.

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