A Model of Plasma Discharges in Pre-Arcing Regime for Water Treatment

B.G. Rodríguez-Méndez, R. López-Callejas, R. Peña-Eguiluz, A. Mercado-Cabrera, R. Valencia-Alvarado, S.R. Barocio, A. de la Piedad-Beneitez, J.S. Benítez-Read, and J.O. Pacheco-Sotelo (Mexico)


Modelling, simulation, pulsed corona discharges, and streamers


It is presented a simulation study of a water treatment system based upon 1 kHz frequency plasma discharges in the pre-arcing regime produced within a coaxial cylinder reactor. The proposed computational model takes into consideration the three main mechanisms of the process: (a) the relevant physical characteristics of water, (b) the ionisation and expansion phases in the spark channel, which includes the near-breakdown electric current generated by the change of the effective capacitance and resistance, and (c) the energy associated with this initial spark in the water. The predictions of the model seem to meet all main requirements to allow the design and construction of cost effective specific devices.

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