An Investigation into the Effect of Non-Linear Leaf Spring on Riding Performance of Toyota Land Cruise

M.N. Khajavi, G.H. Majzoobi, and M.K. Hosieienie (Iran)


Nonlinear Modeling, Simulation, Suspension system, Vehicle Dynamics.


: Suspension systems for vehicles have been studied for decades. In most of the cases, the numerical models used for analysis and controller design were linear. The models range from one degree of freedom to the more complex cases of several degrees of freedom. However, in these models spring and damper are assumed to be either linear or a nonlinear behavior of these elements are approximated by linear models. In this work, the effect of a non-linear leaf spring on the riding performance of Toyota Land Cruise vehicle is investigated by numerical simulation using ADAMS code. The numerical results are then validated by experiment. The results of the simulations and the experiments indicate that the trends of both numerical and experimental responses are the same. Nevertheless, the damping in the actual case is less than the numerical one. This can be attributed to the fact that some tiny components such as shackles, bushings and clamps are not considered in the simulations.

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