Robust Optimal Design for Active Pantograph Suspension of Light Rail Vehicles

Y.-C. Lin, C.-L. Lin, and N.-C. Shieh (Taiwan)


Light rail vehicle, pantograph, linear quadratic regulator, robust stability, optimization


This paper deals with the design of a new robust active controller for the pantograph of light rail vehicles aimed to provide stable electricity transmission. A three degree-of-freedom pantograph dynamic model is developed. Performance of the control system is evaluated on the basis of the variations of the displacement and acceleration between the pantograph and contact wire. An appropriate active control law is developed by means of linear quadratic regulator design to derive the stabilizing control gain for the uncertain pantograph system with perturbations caused by the time-varying stiffness of catenary. An evolutionary multiobjective optimization approach accompanied with the Pareto set and variable weights are also developed to deal with the complicated control design problem.

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