An Algebraic Approach to Fast Perturbed Sinusoidal Signal Parameters Identification

J.R. Trapero (Spain), H. Sira-Ramírez (Mexico), and V. Feliu Batlle (Spain)


Algebraic identification, sinusoidal parameter identifica tion, filtering.


An algebraic approach is proposed for the fast and reli able, on line, identification of the amplitude, frequency and phase parameters in unknown noisy sinusoidal sig nals. The proposed method uses the algebraic derivative method in the frequency domain yielding exact formulae, when placed in the time domain, for the unknown parame ters: Amplitude, frequency and phase. These formulae are synthesized in terms of time-varying linear unstable filters in combination with classical low pass filters of the But terworth type. The computations are performed in a quite small time interval which is only a small fraction of the first full cycle of the measured sinusoid signal. The method is also verified to be robust with respect to signal measure ment noises and structured perturbations.

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