Pulse Wave Velocity in Elastic Tube

H. Chlup, H. Macková, M. Vilímek, P. Kubový, R. Žitný, and S. Konvičková, (Czech Republic)


Pulse wave velocity, hemodynamics, elastic tube


The velocity of the pulse wave in blood vessels is one of the important hemodynamical parameters to detect health condition or a degree of damage of a diseased artery. To understand the problem, the physiological values must be known. In our laboratory, the velocity of pulse wave in elastic tubes and arteries is measured in vitro by non invasive method. The method is based on optical measurements of displacement of the pulsating tube wall. A crash test camera with high frame rate of 1000 Hz (fps) was used. The frame rate of 1000 Hz proved to be sufficient to register the high velocities of the pulse wave. The obtained data were evaluated by several methods and compared. The measured pulse wave velocities ranged from 4.5 to 6 m/s, thus in the same order of magnitude as values based on theoretical calculations and physiological values published in literature. However, for more precise data analysis, more experimental data (longer optical record) is recommended.

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