A Co-operative Methodology for Automatic Solutions to Problems in Indefinite Integral Calculus

J. Agarkhed, V. Burakpalli, and B. Anami (India)


Expert Systems, Blackboard Architecture, Indefinite Integration Problem Solving, Artificial Intelligence


Expert Systems (ES) play major role where there is missing, incomplete or suspicious information, confusion, conflicting objectives and unclear trade-offs. Computer Based Training (CBT) and Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) systems are passive and offer only user interaction. An active development of tutoring systems with embedded intelligence is the need the real world. Such systems enhance the learning experience and is said to improve the efficiency of teaching learning of technology-based topics. The paper presents the work on the development of a methodology for an automatic solution to ‘indefinite integration problems ’. The work is implemented using Blackboard architecture, where the knowledge sources required to solve the problems, namely Arithmetic, Trigonometric and Calculus knowledge bases, are represented by knowledge bases. The fairly complex problems are being solved based on Cooperative approach.

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