Error Analysis and Handling in Arabic ICALL Systems

K.F. Shaalan and H.E. Talhami (UAE)


Arabic ICALL, Error Analysis, Error Handling, NLP based intelligent feedback


Arabic is a Semitic language that is rich in its morphology and syntax. The very numerous and complex grammar rules of the language could be confusing even for Arabic native speakers. Many Arabic intelligent computer assisted language-learning (ICALL) systems have neither deep error analysis nor sophisticated error handling. In this paper, we report an attempt at developing an error analyzer and error handler for Arabic as an important part of the Arabic ICALL system. In this system, the learners are encouraged to construct sentences freely in various contexts and are guided to recognize by themselves the errors or inappropriate usage of their language constructs. We used natural language processing (NLP) tools such as a morphological analyzer and a syntax analyzer for error analysis and to give feedback to the learner. Furthermore, we propose a mechanism of correction by the learner, which allows the learner to correct the typed sentence independently. This will result in the learner being able to figure out what the error is. Examples of error analysis and error handling will be given and will illustrate how the system works.

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