Near Unity Power Factor Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converter Feeding an Induction Motor

A. Maamoun, A.M. Soliman, and A.M. Kheireldin (Egypt)


Intelligent control, ac drives, and power factor correction


The paper presents a drive system consists of single-phase boost rectifier, space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) inverter, and three-phase induction motor. The single-phase boost rectifier is used to obtain near unity power factor and to reduce the harmonic distortion in the main supply. The SVPWM inverter is used to offer 15% increase in the output voltage and low output harmonic distortions compared with the conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter. The input/output performance of the proposed model of single-phase to three-phase converter feeding an induction motor is simulated with different loading conditions.

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