An Ontology based Reflection Support System to Encourage Learning from Mistakes

K. Seta, T. Kajino, M. Umano, and M. Ikeda (Japan)


reflection task ontologies, reflection, problem-solving oriented learning, meta-cognition


Many novel and unfamiliar problems confront us. For these problems, learners build up their own understanding of a target area and plan to solve problems based on their own understanding. We call this type of learning Problem-Solving Oriented Learning (PSOL). We develop a system for supporting those processes. The fundamental philosophy of our approach is to encourage learners’ awareness and reflection of their work, especially his/her errors or mistakes, to allow development of strong problem-solving and learning skills. This paper addresses fundamental issues of reflection in PSOL. In this paper, we first describe our basic philosophy to achieve the goals. Then, we analyze the characteristics of problem-solving oriented learning and describe our open learner modeling environment based on the analysis. Lastly, we describe the systemization of principle knowledge (called reflection task ontology) for reflection support and illustrate interactive processes between the learner and system based on the ontology.

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