Simulation of Events using Contour Map in the Virtual Environment

K.-Y. Oh, B.-J. Kim, J.-W. Kwon, S.-J. Ji, and J.-H. Park (Korea)


virtual environment, contour map, event


In most multimedia systems the environment is considered a passive background. However, whether an entity is part of the environment or its resident entity is only a matter of viewpoint. The virtual environment is composed of objects and events. In order to simulate the realistic virtual environment, In object modeling, terrain modeling is implemented by contour map which contains height and position information. In addition to this usage, contour map is used to represent environmental values. An event is a coherent sequence of activities or events based on causality. An event is structured in three parts, namely, preconditions, procedure and effects. Each part of an event is formulated in terms of a number of parameter variables, which correspond to its associated factors on existence or states of entities and relations. This paper represents terrain and environmental factor using contour map. Moreover, we define various events and their procedures in terms of causality in virtual environment.

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