Synthesizing Diagnostic Explanations from Monitoring Data in Multi-Robot Systems

R. Micalizio, P. Torasso, and G. Torta (Italy)


Model-Based Diagnosis, Multi-Agent Systems


The paper discusses the issues concerning monitoring and diagnosis of a multi-robot system involving a team of mo bile robots providing services in an environment which is partially observable via a net of sensors. The paper describes the techniques for monitoring on-line the progress of the actions performed by robots and de tecting deviations from the nominal actions behaviour. Be cause of the partial observability of the system, many pos sible evolutions are tracked by the monitoring and these pieces of information are synthesized by a diagnostic in terpretation module in terms of robots faults and trouble some interactions among robots. The results of the diag nostic interpretation are displayed to a human supervisor via a graphical interface. The paper reports experimental results concerning the per formance and the competence of the Diagnostic Module gathered by exploiting a simulator of the speciļ¬c RoboCare project.

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