Browsing and Searching MPEG-7 Images using Formal Concept Analysis

J. Ducrou and P. Eklund (Australia)


Image Navigation, Formal Concept Analysis


Content-based search and browsing of image collections is a difficult problem. This paper argues that Formal Con cept Analysis (FCA) is ideally suited to this task and engi neers a solution to demonstrate the idea. In general, stan dard keyword search is problematic when dealing with im ages. First, the value and names of the metadata are of ten unknown. Second, image search is about similarity in the sense of combinations of location, shape, luminance etc. These properties are hard to evaluate and unsuited to vector-space models of similarity used in information re trieval. This paper presents a Web-based FCA system for browsing MPEG-7 images and user evaluation results. The system is called IMAGE-SLEUTH. The trial collection that we use to profile IMAGE-SLEUTH are image objects based on a collection of items from the popular game The Sims 2. User testing was performed on 29 university students from various disiplines. The Sims data set is ideal for two rea sons. First, The Sims 2 imposes an interesting information space over the items which are annotated with scales such as needs and function, as well as the capacity to enhance the Sim character’s skill: objects which allow access to other skills such as logic, creativity, charisma. This infor mation space is revealed by the concept lattice. Second, the Sims items can be used to demonstrate the value of search via image descriptors such as shape, colour and luminance. MPEG-7 is therefore an important platform for image an notation since it provides for the information space induced by the game playing attributes as well as visual descriptors. This paper describes the process of image extraction and a description of the Web-based image browser – IMAGE SLEUTH.

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