Knowledge Representation and Case-based Reasoning in a Knowledge Management System for Ambient Intelligence Products

L. Urosevic (Germany), S. Kopacsi (Hungary), D. Stokic, A.R. Campos (Germany), and G. Bognar (Hungary)


Ambient Intelligence, Knowledge representation, Case Based Reasoning, Knowledge management system, Customer support system, Diagnostics system.


The paper presents the theoretical background and realization of a KM system for the technically advanced customer and product support in the Ambient Intelligence (AmI) domain. Current products include more and more elements of AmI. AmI area is still not state-of-the art in market available products, but there is a clear trend towards products which will be fully based or include different forms of AmI. The paper presents a new KM system using CBR to support so-called AmI product extension. The product extension includes customer support in solving different problems related to the AmI products utilisation. The paper specifically explores the challenges due to increased/more complex interaction between the customers and AmI products. The approach for definition of appropriate set of attributes in CBR system to describe different cases and problems with AmI products is elaborated. The objective is to define a system suitable for AmI products provided by SMEs but capable to cope with the complexity imposed by AmI aspects. The KM system developed and the results of initial testing in industrial environment of SMEs are presented.

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