State Updating of Channel Communication System CBCTL

S. Yoshioka, M. Kobayashi, and S. Tojo (Japan)


Agent Communication, Intelligent Agents, BDI logic, CTL, Prover


This paper introduces a temporal epistemic logic £¦ that updates agent’s belief states through communications in them, based on computational tree logic (CTL). In practical environments, communication channels between agents may not be secure, and in bad cases agents might suffer blackouts. In this study, we provide "!$#&%('0) proto col based on ACL of FIPA, by which we can declare the presence of secure channels between two agents, depen dent on time. Thus, the belief state of each agent is updated along with the progress of time. We show a prover, that is a reasoning system for a given formula in a given situation of an agent ; if it is directly provable or if it could be validated through the chains of communications, the system returns the proof.

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