A Decision Support Model for Wireless Information Management using Mobile Agents

A. Aneiba, S.J. Rees, and C. Chibelushi (UK)


Intelligent agents, DSS, Telecommunications


Voice communication has been the primary application in wireless networks to date. However, mobile data services are increasingly gaining attention in both the research and commercial worlds. This is due to the rapid advancement of high-performance mobile devices equipped with high speed wireless telecommunication technology such as GPRS, 3G and WiFi. As consequence of this development, it has become difficult for mobile devices to accommodate and handle the new wave of wireless information such as movie clips, images and integrated multimedia. The purpose of this paper is to develop a decision making model for a new wireless information management method using mobile agent. The aim of the model is to help in reducing the waste of wireless resources (i.e. bandwidth, device power level) that may occur when mobile device capability can not accommodate or handle the information that may be received by the mobile user.

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