Information System Process Improvement: A Managerial Perspective and Proposal of a General Framework

A. Mishra, D. Mishra, and I. Akman (Turkey)


Information system, software, project management,process improvement, simulation.


System process improvement is a continuous strategy in organizations for reducing overall cost, shortening cycle times, and improve quality and user satisfaction. There are various models like Capability Maturity Model (CMM), ISO, etc. available to measure process improvement. However management role is vital for effective process improvement implementation strategy. This paper briefly presents an assessment of all the factors which, if taken care by the management effectively, can ensure success in information system process improvement and proposes a general 2-stage framework for process improvement. The framework presents stochastic simulation model which is tailored to the dynamics of software projects, and which takes management plan and individual processes as input to show how simulation can be used to achieve effective project management.

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