Architecture Requirements Engineering Accuracy and Error - The Analysis Method (Area-team): Islamabad Stock Exchange Case Study

M.A. Aman, M. Sulayman, and K. Rashid (Pakistan)


Software Architecture, Architecture Evaluation,Requirements Engineering, Error Factor


Since the software architecture is a key artifact of the software development life-cycle, so architectural analysis is also a key practice involved in the process. Software architectures are usually complex and developed on the quality attributes based on preliminary requirements. Requirements are specified during requirements engineering phase and normally are incomplete and ambiguous and they are propagated in the software architecture. Our devised method “architecture requirements engineering accuracy and error-the analysis (AREA-TEAM)” provides solid technical foundations for performing architectural analysis. It is based on the requirements and finding the architecture accuracy factor and architecture error factor. The major contribution of AREA-TEAM is quantification of the error made by the architect as well as the stakeholder, generally the customer. This research paper describes the application of the Architecture Requirements Engineering Error and Accuracy-The Analysis Method (AREA-TEAM) in the Data Warehouse solution of Islamabad Stock Exchange (DWH-ISE). The system was developed under research collaboration between Islamabad Stock Exchange and International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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