Simulation and Field Experiment for Balance/Imbalance and Transient Caused by Capacitors in Power Systems

Y.-Y. Hong, C.-H. Liu, and C.-F. Chen (Taiwan)


shunt capacitor bank, imbalance, transient overvoltage, inrush current, series reactor


There are many transient phenomena in the power system, in which the capacitor switching provokes overvoltage and extremely large surge current menacing the power apparatuses. Although many existing papers presented some methods to remedy the capacitor switching transients in the past, the transient accidents caused by switched capacitors still happen. This paper addresses analysis and field experiment for the three-phase imbalance and transient caused by switched capacitors. Taiwan Power System was used to be a test system for illustrating the balance/imbalance and transient caused by switched capacitors. Both simulation (using Matlab/Simulink) and field experiment were conducted taking parts of capacitor unit outage into account. Concluding remarks related to the series reactor and faulted capacitor unit were especially drawn.

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