Generation Scheduling and Wheeling Pricing in Deregulated Power Systems

C.-T. Su, J.-H. Liaw, and J.-H. Wang (Taiwan)


available transfer capability, quadratic programming, wheeling cost, spinning reserve.


The deregulation is a current trend in electric power industries around the world. The power company is not a vertically-integrated structure again, power transmission under such a structure becomes more complicated. Also, how to securely and reliably operate the power system under deregulated environment becomes a challenging problem. This paper uses Power Transfer Distribution Factors (PTDF) and applies Quadratic Programming (QP) to solve economic generation dispatch and transmission management problems. The problem studied is an optimization problem, which has an objective function including the generation cost and the wheeling cost and some constraints describing the line flow limits and bus angle limits. To exemplify the application and show the effectiveness of the proposed method, a 11-zone system is employed.

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