Power Quality Assessment and Harmonic Distortion Analysis for Sohar Distribution Network

J.A.B. Younis, A. Ferrah, A. Tami, M. Bouzguenda, and K. Alsaidi (Sultanate of Oman)


Power quality, Harmonic distortion, Distribution networks


The dependence of modern life upon the continuous supply of electrical energy makes system reliability and power quality topics of utmost importance in the power system area. Although the subject of power quality has not been clearly defined so far, an increasing number of problems are being discussed under its banner. New restrictions are being added under the general heading of electromagnetic compatibility to meet the critical requirements of electronic-controlled loads and limit the otherwise ever-increasing content of waveform distortion created by the proliferation of non-linear plant components in modern power systems. This paper investigates the power quality assessment and harmonic distortion at Sohar, (north of the Sultanate of Oman), distribution network. In the present case study, field measurements were carried out in order to identify the sources of harmonics generation and estimate the level of distortion. Measurements were made at different feeders and points of the distribution network. The measured quantities are analysed and compared with international standards. Finally, conclusions are made and recommendations given in cases where corrective actions should be taken.

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