A High-Speed Reclosing Operation with Fault Current Limiter

J. Fujita, T. Iwatsuki, K. Yukita, T. Hosoe, Y. Goto, K. Ichiyanagi, Y. Hoshino, N. Yamamoto, S. Sugimoto (Japan), and V. Avatchanakorn (Thailand)


Power Systems, Power System Control, Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Control, Power Transmission


This paper proposes a new high-speed reclosing operation method to improve the stability in power system with the fault current limiter. From an angular velocity, a field system voltage and a phase of the generator, the proposed operation method calculates the optimum reclosing time domain. The fault current limiter is used the reactance type or the resistive type. The examination was carried out using the Inst. of Electrical Engineers of Japan one-machine infinite bus system model in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. The Impact Ver2.3 was used in the computer simulation.

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