Effects of Communication Network on Reliability of a Wide Area Protection Scheme

C.-L. Su (Taiwan)


Special Protection System, Communication Network, Automatic Control, and Reliability Assessment.


Many utilities around the world have experienced a great pressure to fully utilize their current facilities to the maximum level due to the deficiency of power transfer capability. Special protection system (SPS), also known as remedial action scheme (RAS), is often considered as a cost effective way in achieving this goal. For an SPS that covers a wide area, communication network is essential for successful operations of the SPS. To understand the effects of communication network on reliability of a wide area SPS, an approach based on fault tree methodology is used in this paper for reliability evaluation of the communication and control of the SPS. The SPS devised by Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) for relieving transient and dynamic instability is used for the study. A sensitivity analysis is used to reduce the impacts of uncertain input data on the analysis results. The Taipower system protection scheme is described and the importance of the communication network on the reliable SPS control performance is demonstrated.

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