A Random Subsynchronous Resonance in a Turbine Generator Set

J.-I. Tsai, T.-S. Zhan, and R.-C. Wu (Taiwan)


Torque Vibration, Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF), Sub Synchronous Resonant (SSR), Shaft, TurbineGenerator


The electrical arc furnace (EAF) load is the largest load in power systems. Since electromechanical interactions between electrical loads and turbine-generator are seldom discussed, this paper investigates the torsional vibrations in turbine-generator shafts and blades subject to real and reactive power variations from a large-scale EAF plant. The transient power fluctuation of the load is randomly dramatic; nevertheless, most of the frequencies of the induced voltage flicker, generator delivering power and even electromagnetic torque are subsynchronous. Therefore such a continued stochastic disturbance can impose random subsynchronous resonant stresses on turbine mechanisms.

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