Experimental Examination of Wind Generator System which Introduced MPPT in Wind Collection Equipment

T. Hosoe, K. Yukita, Y. Goto, and K. Ichiyanagi (Japan)


Wind generator system, Electric vehicle, Wind collection equipment, Regeneration energy, Maximum Power Point Tracker System (MPPT)


This paper proposes that wind generator system is operated by using wind collection equipment and Maximum Power Point Tracking more and more high efficient. As an example of the utility, it was proposed that it was used for the regeneration of electric vehicle. The efficiency upgrading of electric vehicle can be expect by introducing in addition, proposing system with the conventional regeneration. The field experiment was carried out in order to measure the effect. Regeneration energy by proposing and new regeneration system was measured. The experiment was carried out by the installation of wind collection equipment, Maximum Power Point Tracking. As the result, the wind given to the wind power generator was accelerated by wind collection equipment, and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) made the output voltage increase.

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