Lyapunov's Stability and Operational Margin of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Modules

C. Rodriguez and G. Amaratunga (UK)


DCAC power conversion, Lyapunov methods, photovoltaic power generation, renewable generation, stability.


Analyses of photovoltaic power generation based on Lyapunov’s theorems are presented. The characteristics of the photovoltaic module and the power conditioning unit are analyzed in order to establish energy functions that assess the stability of solutions and define safe regions of operation. Furthermore, it is shown that grid-connected photovoltaic modules driven at maximum power may become unstable under normal grid transients. In such cases, stability can be maintained by allowing an operational margin defined as the energy difference between the stable and the unstable solutions of the system. Simulations show that modules cope well with grid transients when a sufficiently large margin is used.

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