A Study on Integration Hybrid Wind/PV/Battery Renewable Energy Generation System

C.-C. Lin, W.-B. Lin, and K.-K. Chen (Taiwan)


PM generator, SG, PV, converter, battery, renewable energy.


This paper presents stability, steady-state and dynamic performance of a hybrid wind/PV/battery system adopted in renewable energy generation systems. The employed wind generator is a synchronous generator (SG) with fixed excitation. To improve variable frequency, variable voltage, and loading effects of the studied wind generator under random wind speeds, a rectifier module and a battery system are employed to combine with a PV module. The stored energy in the battery system is converted into constant voltage and constant frequency by means of an inverter module to supply an isolated single phase load. Both three-phase and d-q axis equivalent circuit models are employed to establish the complete dynamic system model including SG, rectifier, inverter, PV, and battery units. Experimental results obtained from a 300 W SG, a 1.5 kW-24V PV module, a 24 V-250 Ah battery system, and a 4.5 kW inverter module are compared with the simulated results to validate feasibility of the proposed system model

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