Role of Availability based Tariff and Its Reliability in the Distribution of Generated Power under Emerging Electric Power Systems

N.K. Prasad and R. Karthikeyan (India)


Availability Based Tariff (ABT) Distributed Generation (DG)


: Almost in all the regional grids of India, the Availability Based Tariff (ABT) has been implemented, which actually aims at bringing responsibility, accountability in power generation and also schemes of incentives & disincentives for consumption by frequency dependent pricing. in the present situation under ABT, Distributed Generation (DG) units are generally considered due to their modularity in size and also their location on the utility system, which leads to the reduction in the transmission & distribution costs and losses. So with the financial constraint in the ever increasing electricity demand of Indian power sector, distributed generation must always be encouraged as it provides a flexible way to chose a wide range of combination of cost & reliability. in this paper, the impact of distributed generation on Intra State ABT is studied. This paper also proposes a study on the impact of the grid connected DG on network availability & reliability.

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