Electronic Ballast with Energy Saving Control for Ultraviolet Lamp Drives

S.-C. Wang, C.-S. Yu, S.-Y. Lee, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)


Energy saving, power factor, electronic ballast, ultraviolet lamps, and graphic user interface.


Design and implementation of high-power-factor dimmable electronic ballast with energy-saving control for the water-purifier ultraviolet lamps (UVL) is presented in this paper. Accurate knowledge of the characteristics of the UVL is essential for the ballast design. An automatic parameter identification system is developed to obtain the electrical characteristics of the UV lamps and a half-bridge series-resonant circuit is used to implement the driver topology. In order to design high performance ballast for UVL drive, a component design platform and post verification system is implemented. Cooperating with the developed graphic user interface (GUI), the design performance and effectiveness can be predicted in this integrated GUI environment through the computer simulation and data computation. For the purposes of energy-saving, bacteria killing factors, and light lifespan extension, an intelligent green mode control method is proposed to dim the luminance of the UVL according to the sensed flow and illumination feedback.

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