Conflict between Backup Generation and Recloser-Fuse Miscoordination in Reliability Aspect from Distributed Generation

S. Chaitusaney and A. Yokoyama (Japan)


Backup generation, contingency enumeration, distributed generation, protection coordination, reliability.


As backup generation, DG is expected to improve the reliability of distribution system. While DG is likely to increase the distribution reliability with continuous electricity supply, DG contribution in fault current may interfere the existing recloser-fuse coordination by the change in fault current. This problem can deteriorate the system reliability, and it is more serious and complicated when there are several DG sources. Hence, the above conflict in reliability aspect inevitably needs the detailed investigation. The study is carried out by applied DG as parallel and islanding modes. Interesting reliability indices are evaluated and compared in four important cases. The first feeder of RBTS Bus 2, a distribution reliability test system, is selected for this study. Two load point indices are evaluated i.e. SAIFI and SAIDI, as well as ENS, a widely used index in energy term.

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