Increasing the Dielectric Breakdown Strength of Polypropylene using Polyaniline Additive

P. Salovaara and K. Kannus (Finland)


Dielectric breakdown strength, polypropylene, polyaniline, and Weibull distribution.


Polypropylene films are commonly used as solid dielectrics e.g. in high voltage capacitors. The dielectric breakdown strength of thin films used as dielectrics plays a key role in increasing the energy density of the capacitors. If the dielectric breakdown strength could be increased, capacitors could operate at higher voltages or their size could be reduced. This paper presents the results of the electrical measurements carried out on polypropylene and three different polymer compounds consisting of polypropylene and polyaniline. Melt extruded polypropylene compounds contained from 1 to 3 weight-% of polyaniline additive. Breakdown voltages with AC and lightning impulse voltages of test films were measured. A two-parameter Weibull distribution was used in the evaluation of the data with the shape and scale parameters estimated using maximum likelihood and rank regression methods. The results showed that the addition of a small amount of polyaniline notably increases the AC and lightning impulse voltage strength of polypropylene.

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