Super High Density Power Module

A. Elbanhawy (USA)


High efficiency, Voltage Regulating Module, High density


: One of the most prominent challenges in the DC-DC converter field is fulfilling the very high power density requirements of a CPU’s (central processing unit) core supply that meets the small-outline restrictions of modern personal computers, PCs, and notebooks. Semiconductor companies are employing more sophisticated processes for producing high performance MOSFETs. Fairchild Semiconductor, for example, has developed a distributed VRM in the form of several modules, each of which is capable of delivering up to 40Amps per phase at over 86% efficiency. This VRM allows designers to deliver 120 Amps with three phase design. For each phase, a section comprising all of the module’s power components is placed on a small (1.15" x 0.85") plug-in board delivering 40Amps and receiving the PWM TTL signal from the controller. This module has a footprint of about 0.85" x 0.25" of the motherboard space and may be placed anywhere on the board as close as possible to the CPU. This placement reduces the transmission impedance and losses and gives the motherboard designer the flexibility to optimize the power and PCB space utilization.

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