Doppler Location Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

T.G. Basavaraju, C. Puttamadappa, M.A. Goutam, S.K. Sarkar, and B. Ramesh (India)


Doppler Effect, apparent frequency, estimation frequency, wireless ad hoc networks, velocity estimation.


The researches in the area of location-based effects in wireless communication have generated lot of interest and scope. In this regard, nodes in mobile ad hoc network experience the variation in bandwidth due to Doppler Effect. Nodes in ad hoc networks co-operate to yield new and robust communication data link. These tasks will get simplified if the locations of nodes are well known. The e various positioning techniques, such as GPS, cannot be used in the environments such as indoors or in places with dense foliage etc. In this paper a location algorithm based on Doppler Effect is proposed. Thus, a wireless ad hoc network could locate and track an object passing by or near to it. The proposed algorithm estimates the velocity and the position of the emitter.

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