Security Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Tiny Diffusion and Elliptic Curves

J. Abraham and K.S. Ramanatha (India)


Sensor network, Tiny Diffusion, Elliptic curves, Diffie Hellman, Digital Signature.


Network security to Wireless Sensor Networks is a very essential requirement because they are easily susceptible to many threats like Denial-of-Service attacks [15]. The most important security services required are confidentiality and authentication. Many researchers have tried to provide security by using only symmetric key mechanisms thinking that public key cryptosystems are not feasible to implement in these networks because they are constrained with less resources. This paper discusses implementation of minimally required set of security protocols for sensor networks. This set includes 1) a shared key establishment protocol 2) a secure data transfer protocol and 3) authenticated periodic rekeying protocol. The implementation uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography as a public key system and Tiny Diffusion protocol for the underlying network communication. The protocols are tested in POWER TOSSIM simulator and the results are found to be efficient with memory requirement and communication delay.

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